Bottles manufacturing industry is going to be wiped out within 3 years

PET Water Bottles Manufacturing is next obsolete thing as the students of a tech university develops an Edible water ORB. The startup is raising funds as of now. But as the project advances, All the Giants in the Industry will jump in with their own versions of the same product.

Don’t Believe me Check it out yourself.

Scientists have created edible water orbs that can help replace plastic bottles. It is still a research project and is being tested at athlete events. But as the future looks good and promising for this startup, soon we all are going to miss those PET Bottles.

The water is stored in an “orb”, which is totally edible and is developed by Brown algae. It can be flavoured as well. Within next few years we will get water orbs in our departmental stores with different flavours.

This startup really solves the problem of plastic. It just takes Plastic out of the equation. No plastic, No harm to environment.

Meanwhile, the PET Bottle Manufacturing Industry is going to take a hit. As Coke, Pepsi and many Big Giants have employed 1000’s of OEM’s for manufacturing of PET Bottles. They Outsource it basically, So all those OEM’s are Going in for a Big Hit. It is an alarming situation for the Vendors of these companies to start preparing for the coming situation.

According to our research, within next 3 to 5 years the whole Bottles manufacturing industry will be wiped out. And 1000’s of OEM or Bottle Vendors will be jobless.

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